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Tambola Tickets

Que -: What is theme number tambola?
Ans -: Theme Tambola is

Que -: What is theme word tambola?
Ans -: Theme Word Tambola is

Que -: Can any customisation done in tickets like add any logo or text ?
Ans -: Yes, customisation can easily be done .Please contact us on this page or call us on 09536539375.

Que -: I want tambola, games on some particular theme which is not available on website. How can I order?
Ans -: Yes, we can easily design tambola, games and other stuff according to your theme requirement. You just have to make a query on contact us page or call us on 09536539375 .

Que -: What is the Difference between Economy range tickets and Normal tickets ?
Ans -:
1) In Economy range tickets, numbers are pre written by hand…whereas in regular tickets , numbers are pre written by computer.
2) There are particular design range for Economy tickets whereas there is huge variety of designs available in regular range of tickets on each theme.
3) Economy range tickets cannot be customised…..whereas regular tickets can be customised also if you want….For customisation you just have to call us on 09536539375 .
4) Economy range ticket price is very reasonable in comparison to regular range of tickets.
5) Economy range tickets are available in pack of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200 tickets .Whereas for regular range of tickets minimum order quantity is 15 tickets & maximum order quantity is 250 tickets.
6) Word tambola and number tambola on various themes is available for regular range of tickets.Whereas for Economy range of tickets only number tambola is available.
7) Economy range of tickets are available in rectangular shape only….Whereas Regular tambola tickets are available in rectangular, 3 dimensional, square and any particular shape also.

Shipping & Delivery

Que -: What are the shipping charges?
Ans -: Shipping charges depend upon the quantity you order.For more information about shipping charges click here.

Que -: Can the order courierd anywhere in India ?
Ans -: Yes, We deliver all order all over India…….Shipping time duration depends upon location.

Que -: Are shipping charges are charged separately in addition to total price of the order?
Ans -: Yes, shipping charges are added separately in your cart.

Order Information

Que -: Are the orders prepaid or I have to make payment after I receive the order?
Ans -: You have to make payment once the order is finalized..We will dispatch the courier once we receive full payment in advance.

Que -: After how many days can I expect my courier to reach my place?
Ans -: We generally dispatch all order within 2-3 working days after order is finalized..And the courier transit time depends on your location .

Que -: Can I get my order on urgent basis?
Ans -: Before making final order, You can call us on 09536539375 to know if we can dispatch your courier urgently or not.We try our best to cater our clients if they want their order as early as possible without any additional cost.

Que -: Can I cancel the order after I had made the payment?
Ans -: No, we do not cancel any order once it is been finalised.

Que -: Can I return or exchange the tickets after delivery of order?
Ans -: No, we do not return or exchange any products.

Que -: Can I make some changes in order after payment has been made?
Ans -: Please contact us on 09536539375. We will try our best if we can make changes in your order.

Que -: How will I know whether my courier has been dispatched or not?
Ans -: We provide all courier details on email provided by you once we dispatch the order.You can track the courier by locket number provided by us.And in case of any query please contact us on 09536539375 .


Que -: I want to start my business of tambola tickets .Do you give franchisee ?
Ans -: Yes, we give tickets n other stuff at very reasonable price to persons who want to further do the business. Please contact us on Franchisee page or contact us on 09536539375 .