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Chocolate Dairymilk Tambola Housie Ticket


Chocolate makes any occasion more special.So what better party idea than a chocolate party, whipping your guests into a delightful celebaration! These parties are a delicious dream come true for people of all ages.A fantastic way to celebrate is to paly with these tambola tickets.There will be guaranteed fun for all your guests. This housie lotto game is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Minimum order quantity-15 Tickets

Maximum order quantity-500 Tickets

Qty Must be Between 15 and 500


Ticket Size-

inch approx.

How To Play:
Each housie ticket has five sets of dividends, that can be compared to the different lines of a regular ticket. Each set is named as different chocolate-dairy milk,M & M,ferrero rocher etc. When the caller calls out numbers, the participants have to cross out the numbers being called out which are there on their tickets. The first one to cross out all the numbers of any one set or all the sets together has to call out to claim their prize.


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