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Fitness Exercise Word Housie Tambola Ticket


Health theme is one of the most ideal options for kitty party. Lets opt for an energy packed Zumba or exercise tambola tickets as these are the new craze! Unlike many other trends that have come and gone, yoga parties are seemingly here to stay. What an amazing concept – fun, fitness, healthy food and good times with friends all at one place. This housie is very unique and different as instead of numbers, words related to fitness are written on tambola ticket. So instead of calling out numbers, words related to health will be called out from fitness chart which is provided with the tickets.Your party is going to be talk of the town with this amazing new concept.

Minimum order quantity-15 Tickets

Maximum order quantity-100 Tickets

Qty Must be Between 15 and 100



Ticket Size-
6 x 6 inch approx.

How To Play:
Each FITNESS word tambola housie ticket has sets four of dividends, which can be compared to the different lines of a regular ticket- wow, burn it, 123 up and.I can do it. When the caller calls out numbers, the participants have to cross out the numbers being called out which are there on their tickets. The first one to cross out all the numbers of any one set or all the sets together has to call out to claim their prize.


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