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Kaamwali Bai Theme Tambola Housie Ticket


For indian women “kaam wali bai” is most important person in their lives. Most of the time we end up discussing about them with our friends and family. This is the hot most topic of any conversation. That’s why, Kaamwali bai theme kitty party is out of a box kitty theme idea. So get ready to handle all their nakhrays. During work they wants some entertainment, Every week they needs a leave. We have to ignore all this coz if “household maid ” gets angry, nothing can be more dangerous then that. So no complains and no demands & play full of masti lotto bingo game.Celebrate kaam wali theme with your friends and laugh along..

Minimum order quantity-15 Tickets

Maximum order quantity-500 Tickets

Qty Must be Between 15 and 500



Ticket Size-
4.5 x 6 inch approx.

How To Play:
Each Kaamwali bai housie ticket has diffrent sets of dividends, that can be compared to the different lines of a regular ticket. Each set has a different callout name -mein sirf saahab ko churro ki bataongi, Mein sirf Battambang Saaf karongi upar ka kuch nahi karongi, making sirf kapde dhoungi sukhangi nahi,etc. When the caller calls out numbers, the participants have to cross out the numbers being called out which are there on their tickets. The first one to cross out all the numbers of any one set or all the sets together has to call out to claim their prize.


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